FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

Good luck to the Lionesses when they face Japan tomorrow in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. Some of the most common football injuries we see are soft tissue injuries such as ankle and calf sprains and tears.¬† Here are some tips to o prevent soft tissue injuries:¬†Warm up – gently increase your heart rate […]

New Pod joins the team

William is a New Zealand qualified podiatrist with extensive experience in biomechanics, nail surgery, specialist verruca treatment, diabetic care, and many other areas of Podiatry. During his time in the UK he has treated elite Football, Rugby, UK athletics, and Red Bull athletes. He strives to bring the best treatment not just to elite athletes […]

Get Your Feet Match Fit !

The summer is drawing to an end which means the start of hockey, rugby and football season. Each year we see a surge in foot injuries when sports clubs start their pre season training. Many players will be putting on new astroturf boots for the first time which may be slightly too narrow at the […]

We Fix Feet !

As Podiatrists we see lots of different foot conditions . We are the Best people to see for any foot complaint – Painful toes , thick and distorted toenails, corns ,ingrown nails and verrucae . We also look at painful feet when running and walking .