What is a Podiatrist

A podiatrist is a HCPC registered professional who can treat most foot and lower limb conditions. We specialise in treating conditions like Corns, hard skin verruca ingrown toenails skin infections, problem toenails, heel pain and other painful foot conditions.

Make sure your Podiatrist is HCPC Registered

There are many other Practitioners offering foot care. The HCPC is the regulator of healthcare professions in the UK. Their role is to protect the public and by law Podiatrists must register with them to work in the UK.

What’s the difference between a Chiropodist and Podiatrist?

Nothing! Podiatry is the new term for Chiropodist. The word podiatrist is more recognised around the world as a specialist practitioner dealing with all types of lower limb and foot conditions. We treat patients of all ages – please don’t be embarrassed. We have over 30 years experience of dealing with problem feet. We have usually seen much worse than you can ever imagine.

Are you a private practice or NHS?

We are a Private podiatry practice, which means we make a charge for our services. We have no direct connection with the NHS although your doctor may suggest you need to see a podiatrist outside of the NHS. The NHS does provide free treatment, but not everyone is able to obtain it. If you’re unsure please call us.

What type of treatment do I need?

Most patients who sees us needs to book a regular podiatry appointment initially. This lasts around 30 minutes. We discuss your feet and any issues you have, then in most cases treat or check your issues within the initial appointment. We will treat simple ingrown toenails, verruca cons and hard skin and most other toenail problems. If your problem needs more advanced treatment we will discuss this with you and perhaps suggest another appointment at a later date. This may be surgical treatment for a severe ingrown toenail, advanced Verrucae treatments or Biomechanical examinations.

Will my insurance cover my treatment?

Some health insurance companies will cover your treatment with us. Please check with your insurance company BEFORE making an appointment. And please check the name of the practitioner who your insurance company recognises. We are able to bill BUPA and Vitality directly. All others we expect payment direct from the patient. We will provide a receipt for you to claim the fees back from the insurer. Please call if you are unsure.

Do you treat children?

We treat patients of all ages. Patients under 16 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult or carer . We see children for all sorts of conditions especially Verruca and Ingrown toenail issues . Most children get a free sticker too !

What Verruca treatments do you have ?

We have 4 types of Verruca treatment – and we will decide together what might work best for each individual patient . We use either 

1. Acids – these are much stronger than shop bought acids and creams

2. Cryotherapy – we use Liquid Nitrogen – this is a gas , stored as a liquid and is cooled to -189 degrees Celsius  !

3. Verruca Needling – This is a technique where the Verruca is anetsthetized with local anaesthetic  , then the verruca is punctured with a sterile needle – this causes local inflammation and stimulates the immune system to attack the verruca.

4. Swift Microwave therapy – this is the newest treatment for verruca available – microwave energy is fired into the verruca causing the virus cells to be attacked by the immune system.


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