What does every female British marathon champion runner trust for the last six years for their footwear? Phits 3D printed orthoses. Revolutionising the world of underfoot technology, Phits are the first and only 3D printed orthoses designed with dynamic data.

Phits 3D Printed Orthotics

Traditional prescription orthoses are static in nature; they usually follow a cast, impression or 3D scan, combined with the podiatrist’s visual opinion of gait and foot function. This then typically relies on the lab’s subjective interpretation and craftsmanship.

Utilising Footscan technology, clinicians now have the ability to directly translate dynamic pressure data into 3D printed orthoses, allowing for unique calculated prescriptive parameters.


The Footscanner pressure plate offers the highest accuracy when measuring your feet for orthotics. It also gives an unrivalled and engaging patient experience in which we can use to elevate your musculoskeletal and biomechanical assessment with data-driven foot care.

The software also allows us to design a pair of very accurate and totally individual insoles, custom-made to your exact measurements. There are lots of options available for coverings, and it even allows for personalisation of the insoles with your name embossed at the back!

What Happens At The Assesment?


Firstly, we will discuss and look at your general health history and condition to better understand your issues or concerns. We will then take a look at the length of your limbs and the range of motion in your joints, hips, knees and feet. We will measure the length of your leg from your hip to your ankle.

Once we have completed a visual assessment, we will check your shoe size and your weight.

Then it’s onto the Footscanner! The initial measurement is a static stand and balance test. This will tell us how stable you are when standing still, and from here, we can measure your centre of gravity and the small movements we all make when we are standing still.

The final test is a walking gait test. We ask you to walk as normally as possible over the scanner several times in both directions. We aim to capture at least six steps on each foot in doing this. This gives us an average picture of each step for us to assess your Gait and what might be causing your issues.

All this information is uploaded to the software – from this, we will have a much greater understanding of your gait patterns and be able to understand what the best treatment would be for you.

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