Many runners experience pain in their feet, knees, hips, and backs. This is often due to poor biomechanics, which can often be traced back to the feet. A common intervention to help correct these issues and alleviate pain is custom foot orthotics (insoles).

Thanks to the latest digital gait capture technology, we are now in a position where pain-free motion and optimal performance is now achievable for everyone. This is due to innovative 3D printing in a more accurate, efficient and fully customisable way. The Phits Suite is a new standard of personalised care that will help to improve the patient’s mobility. Using decades of experience in gait analysis and 3D technology, we are leading the way in the next generation of orthotics.

We are now proud to offer Phits 3D printed orthotics, the latest in foot care technology!


Phits insoles have been used by every female British marathon champion runner for the last six years – including Paula Radcliffe. They are created using DYNAMIC data from the revolutionary half-meter FOOTSCAN system.

The FOOTSCAN system uses thousands of sensors to gather the most accurate picture of your foot-strike, allowing us to monitor your whole gait cycle. 

The results are collated and displayed in the software, allowing us to see precisely where your issues occur during the different phases of your gait cycle.

The software allows us to create a totally bespoke orthotic tailored to your exact specifications.

If you feel like you could benefit from custom made orthotics, contact us to book an appointment.