We now offer Verruca Needling to help get rid of troublesome painful and long standing verruca and warts . Verruca needling or Falknor’s needling technique first described in 1964 . Its designed to shock the body into waking up the immune system and therefore destroying the verruca using some very specialized immune cells in the skin .

Does it work ?

Studies have shown thats its verry effective at destroying verruca and warts (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4470114/

What happens during the appointment ?

After a medical history , the area is anesthetised , either with a local injection around the verruca or near the ankle ( depending on the site of the verruca) .Once the area is numb , the verruca is punctured multiple times with a sterile needle until it bleeds ( this is painless) . the area is then dressed and padded , and you can walk out straingt away . There may be some tenderness once the injection wears off , but usually within 24 hours you should be back to normal . the wound heals within a few days , then the area is left for 2- 3 months . its usually apparent within 3- 5 months if the verruca has gone .