Great news! We now offer Verruca Needling to help get rid of troublesome, painful and long-standing verruca and warts. Verruca needling, otherwise known as Falknor’s needling technique, was first described in 1964 and is designed to help the body’s own immune system notice an infection and fight it off.  

Verruca needling works by puncturing the verruca with a needle. Because of this, the viral particles of the verruca are exposed to fatty tissue beneath the skin. This is where the body has a lot of immune regulators and allows the body to both notice and destroy the virus. Not only will this treat the verruca that has had the needling process, but it will also help the body notice other lesions and fight off those viruses too. 

How effective is verruca needling? 

Studies have shown that in 69% of cases, the verruca has completely cleared up. 

What happens during the appointment? 

After we have discussed a brief version of your medical history, the area will be anaesthetised using either a local injection around the area of the verruca or near the ankle, depending on the location of the verruca.  

When the area has become numb, the verruca is punctured multiple times using a sterile needle until it bleeds. Don’t worry; this is absolutely painless! We will then dress the wound, and you should be back on your feet straight away. 

You may experience a little tenderness around the area when the injection has worn off, but this typically goes away within twenty-four hours. Standard pain killers such as paracetamol are usually sufficient to prevent any discomfort. The wound is usually fully healed within a couple of days. After this procedure, we ask you to wait, around 2-3 months, until it is entirely clear that the verruca has gone.