Fungal Nail Treatment

At City Chiropody, our podiatrists have many years of experience in providing care for and treating fungal nails. Due to the fact that there isn’t really a quick fix for fungal nails, we will see you regularly throughout the treatment and always ensure you are comfortable and happy throughout.

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What is a fungal nail?

A fungal nail infection or onychomycosis is a very common foot health-related issue; in fact, roughly 10% of adults have or at one point have had a fungal nail problem. Infections can range from mild to severe cases and can affect one or several nails on both feet. The infection will usually begin with the appearance of white, yellowish spots under the tip of the nail and, in time, will typically cause your toenails to thicken, become discoloured, misshapen and quite unsightly, affecting your confidence and impacting your lifestyle. 
A wide range of treatment options is available for fungal nail infections ranging from oral antifungal drugs and medical creams to complete nail removal. At City Chiropody, our expert team has many years of experience treating fungal nail issues and has learnt the best ways to help you regain your confidence and get rid of those unsightly fungal nails.

Treatment for Fungal Nails

To treat fungal nails here at City Chiropody, we will first assess the nails and tidy them up, we will trim away any excess toenail that has been damaged by the infection, allowing the topical treatment to more easily penetrate the nail bed and fight the fungal infection.

We will also advise you on the best topical treatments that can be bought from the pharmacy that you can apply at home to treat the infection.

What Causes Fungal Nails?


A fungal nail infection occurs from the overgrowth of fungi and bacteria either in, on or under the nail on your feet. Fungi will thrive in warm, dark and moist environments, so your feet naturally in sweaty shoes all day provide the perfect breading ground for fungus. The same fungi that cause other fungus-related diseases such as ringworm, jock itch or athletes foot can also cause nail infections. 

Nail fungus is also very contagious, if you have a form of fungus already present on your body, it can easily be spread to other parts. The same can be said for if you come into contact with someone else who has a fungal infection. Much like verruca, this is why fungal infections are spread in communal pools, showers and locker rooms and why we always advise you to wear shoes in public spaces. 

You could also contract a fungal infection when having a pedicure at a nail salon. Be sure to ask staff how and how often they disinfect their tools to ensure they are not transferring harmful bacteria to you.


Diagnosing Fungal Nail Infections

A fungal infection will typically display a number of different symptoms. In most cases, the nail will become thickened and discoloured, usually a yellow/brown colour. The nail could also become brittle and crumbly, allowing chunks of your nail to break off. 

Some other symptoms of a fungal nail include:

  • A yellow streak or spots under the nailbed or on the nail.
  • A build-up of debris under the nail 
  • Your nail may be separating from the skin under the nail
  • A sort of powdery nail surface 
  • Brittle or broken nails

However, because these symptoms are somewhat similar to that of other nail problems, it’s always best to visit a podiatrist for an accurate and professional diagnosis before beginning treatment. 

Diagnosing a fungal nail infection is quick, effective and painless. We will start by taking a small piece of the nail and then sending it to a laboratory for testing. Upon receiving the results we can discuss with you the best form of treatment method which could include topical treatments or you may have to see your GP for oral medication. 

We have two podiatry clinics in London that specialise in fungal nail treatment amongst other foot-related issues, one in Barbican and one in Loughton, Essex

If you think you may have a fungal nail infection, you can use our easy online booking system or give us a call on 020 3771 7982.

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