Chuck Taylor All Stars

The classic Chuck Taylor sneaker has been a lot of things in its nearly 100-year run: basketball shoe, rebellious teen uniform, and cultural icon. One thing it hasn’t been: comfortable. That could be changing, as Converse says it plans to release a new version of the old classic. The Chuck II will have more support and will be lighter, using technology from its parent company Nike. “There are famous basketball players that played in Chuck Taylors — that even kids have heard of,” said Ben Osborne, editor of Slam Magazine, who curated the book Slam Kicks: Basketball Sneakers That Changed the Game. Today, that amazes Dr. Alex Kor, a podiatrist at Johns Hopkins Bayview in Baltimore. The old-school Chucks are “really, really bad,” he said, so playing a full season in them without getting hurt is almost unfathomable.
Other doctors such as podiatrist Dr. Farah Siddiqui, of George Washington Medical Faculty Associates, steer patients with foot troubles away, saying they’re essentially “just a fashion statement,” not a supportive shoe. Siddiqui says Chucks come up a few times a week, mostly with younger patients, “especially when they’re entering the workforce and are on their feet a lot more.”
Source: Thad Moore, The Washington Post [7/23/15]