Verruca Advice

its New year and i see lots of people with foot related New Year Resolutions ..the main one is “ive got to get rid of my verruca” !

Verruca can be very tricky to get rid of …sometimes there almost impossible to shift


heres a few tips on getting rid of them

1 Leave them alone – dont pick them or rub them down too much – they may spread(obviously the best thing is to come and see a podiatrist !)

2. Make sure they ARE verruca ! pinching them usually hurts – pressing them is usually painless

3 If you want to try some home treatments ( i dont reccomend them normally) there are two types. If your using cream only put the cream (or paste) on the verruca , not the surrounding skin – cut a hole in a plaster to mask the surrounding skin .If your using freeze spray , make sure you dont go too mad – you can create a nasty blister ,which could become very sore or even infected if you dont look after it

4. Verruca can take a long time to clear , but dont use any of the home treatments for long prolonged periods ..give it a few weeks between treatments to let the surrounding skin recover