Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Andrew and the team at City Chiropody. As of the 15th of January the City Road Practice will be moving down to the Barbican. Phone number will remain the same – 020 7251 3069 New address is Barbican Physiotherapy, 1 Postern, Wood Street, EC2Y 8BJ Hope to see you there !    

How to cut your toenails

I see lots of patients this time of year with ingrown toenails ..its the time of year when we start to wear more closed in shoes and probably don’t see our feet that much (as I’m writing the rain is pouring down !) Its really simple to avoid ingrown toenails…DONT CUT THEM TOO SHORT ! […]


Corns are  small round areas of hard skin with a painful centre area . They are usually found  on a bony area of your feet …your little toe or the ball of your feet . They are caused by friction or pressure . Tight or ill fitting shoes can cause corns – especially on the little toe . […]


Diabetes affects approximately 1 million people in the UK ..and more have it but are undiagnosed ! But do you know how important is to look after your feet when you’ve got diabetes ? My very pregnant wife (who has gestational diabetes at the moment – this is a diabetes induced by her pregnancy- it […]