Verrucae can occur on virtually any area of the foot. They can range in size from a pin prick right up to covering large areas of the foot. Sometimes they appear as a single area and sometimes multiple verrucae can form over a large area. Initial and quick diagnosis is beneficial so treatment can start early. Verrucae can sometimes look like corns (and visa versa).  A rough diagnosis tool is to gently pinch them. If its painful to pinch but not press , then there is a good chance it might be a verrucae.

There are a number of treatment options options available – Acid and Cryotherapy are the main ones we use. These are much more powerful than anything available over the counter. However verrucae can sometimes be quite difficult to clear.

Dry Needling is available on request too- this involves a local anaesthetic and the verrucae is treated with pin pricks from a sterile needle. This treatment might be beneficial to long standing stubborn verrucae.

Swift Microwave Verruca Therapy is our newest therapy – it promises a much greater chance of a successful  verruca clearance- press the button below to find out more