Happy Valentines day !

whilst today is not exactly the best day to be looking at your feet, i guess i could give you some advice about a communicable foot ailment …namely Fungal infections !


Fungal infections are extremely common and can present in 2 different ways . the first is a white moist itchy area between the toes – this can sometimes split open and become very painful . keeping the area dry and using firstly a fungal foot powder then a good fungal ointment usually clears this – but it might take a week or so …its important to keep applying the cream regularly !

The other type – and probably not as well recognised , is a diffuse pattern of dry flaky skin over large areas of the foot , sometimes with small red dots . This is usually ALSO fungus ! i find it more commonly than the in between toes variety ! again use of a good fungal treatment usually works ..but beware it often comes back !

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