hello all !

after a few weeks of fiddling around ,i think im finally able to say ” welcome to my new website “. Chad and Dan have done a fine job of putting it together …and an even better job of putting up with all my small changes …but i think it was worth it

ill be posting some interesting foot stuff on here ,hopefully , regularly !

lets start with this i found..

Swearing can provide effective relief from pain …but not if you swear regulary !

Researchers at Keele University’s School of Psychology recruited 71 undergraduates who were asked to carry out a cold-water challenge while either repeating a swear word or a non-swear word.The students put their hand in room temperature water for three minutes to act as a control before plunging it into cold 5C water for as long as they could while repeating their word.

The authors concluded: “Swearing increased pain tolerance and heart rate compared with not swearing”

“Moreover, the higher the daily swearing frequency, the less was the benefit for pain tolerance when swearing, compared with when not swearing”

Thankfully i dont hear many patients swear when i’m treating them !

The level of perceived pain together with a change in heart rate were compared while people swore or said their non-swear word.

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